Love Seed


Wang Wei



The red beans grow in southern land.


How many load in spring the trees?


Gather them till full is your hand,


They would revive fond memories.


屏幕快照 2018-12-09 下午10.31.15

This poem was about a love story in ancient China.

Once upon a time, there was a tree grown in southern China which the seeds were always white beans. The couple lived beneath the tree loved each other deeply. One day, the husband was forced to join the king’s army at the Northern border far far away. The war tore the life of the couple apart. The wife missed her husband so much that she stood by the tree stared in the horizon every day. As the time flew, the days went by, yet there was not a single piece of the message nor a shred of news about her husband echoed to her pray. The desperate wife cried and cried until the tears turned to blood. The blood tears dropped into the soil and soaked the roots of the big bean tree. Since then, the beans that the tree bore turned from white to red. Rumour said it was the wife’s blood tears turned the beans to red, ever since then the red beans became a symbol of everlasting love and desperate missing grief.

The poem said “Gather them till full is your hand, they would revive fond memories” means: I miss you so much that a hand full read beans wouldn’t be enough to show my concern. Only wish you could have grasp more for the red beans are already the best gift to show my love.


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