The calligraphy was written by Xue Pan

The poetry named Calming  Waves was written by Lu You.


Calming Waves




Listen not to the rain beating against the trees,
I had better walk slowly while chanting at ease.
Better than a saddle I like sandals and cane.
In a straw cloak, spend my life in mist and rain.


Drunken, I am sobered by the vernal wind shrill
And rather chill In front, I see the slanting sun atop the hill;
Turning my head, I see the dreary beaten track.
Let me go back!
Impervious to rain or shine, I’ll have my own will.

In this poetry, we can see that the author encountered heavy winds and rain when he traveled in the wild, and he also felt so down and sad. But the end of the journey, he realized that he should be positive to meet any challenges in life.

Calligraphy (artful writing) has been considered the ultimate art form by the Chinese educated people since at least the Han dynasty. In later dynasties, candidates at the civil service examinations were graded on their calligraphic skills as well as their responses to the questions. A calligrapher was expected to demonstrate the strength of personality through the use of brush and ink.

Actually, ancient poetry culture is unique and a permeant heritage in China, because it shows the cultural confidence and charm of China. Today, we are living in an environment that the pace is very fast, so poetry seems to be far away from us. Buy this is not the fact. The Chinese people like us have always respected this excellent traditional culture and also are willing to be close to and familiar with it.

Ancient poetry focuses more on the description of artistic conception, and Chinese calligraphy is combined all these factors with ancient poetry.

There is a word saying that the nation is the world. The website is just a start for us. If you are interested in ancient poetry or calligraphy, you can also contact us. We just want to convey Chinese art, Chinese culture in this way, and we hope that more friends love Chinese culture as well.


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